“This is my opportunity to pay it forward”

One-on-One Guidance

Approximately 1500 lone soldiers receive one-on-one guidance from about 500 volunteers, all of whom are former lone soldiers who completed their service and have been released from the army.

These volunteers are role models for the soldiers. They encourage the soldiers to strive to succeed and to be absorbed in Israeli society. The volunteers develop meaningful connections with the soldiers and become the address for questions and open discussion, as equals, about issues the soldiers are facing. By means of these personal connections, lone soldiers gain the tools necessary for making independent decisions and strengthen their feelings of worthiness and belonging.

Volunteers assist the soldiers in dealing with questions related to utilizing their rights as lone soldiers in the army and understanding cultural gaps, as well as with dealing emotionally with transitions and ongoing challenges. Lone soldiers from the U.S.A., France, Russia, Israel, and South America are paired with volunteers from his/her country of origin.

Soldiers’ Clubs in Beit HaChayal Locations

Ach Gadol runs a network of clubs in six Bet HaChayal (free hostels for soldiers) locations, including Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, and Beer Sheva. Each week, a team of counselors from Ach Gadol meets with the soldiers, provides access to information that’s relevant during and after military service, and imparts tools for independently handling the kinds of challenges that lone soldiers encounter. Each year, about 350 soldiers participate in our activities in different clubs.

The Ach Gadol Family

Throughout the year, Ach Gadol celebrates the Jewish holidays and Sabbath eve together with the soldiers. Activities include:
• Passover and Sukkot – A 3-day, Ach Gadol trek in different parts of Israel, which includes camping overnight.
• Hanukkah – A festive evening event honoring Ach Gadol’s volunteers.
• Friday night dinner – An initiative of the volunteers that involves hosting both soldiers and Ach Gadol volunteers at locations throughout Israel.

Achot Gedolah – Big Sister 8.3

A seminar in conjunction with International Women’s Day for Ach Gadol soldiers and volunteers that focuses on women’s empowerment. The seminar aims to identify areas of strength, eliminate mental blocks, and encourage the personal development of seminar participants.

“Great Change”

The organization provides personal guidance and support for those who are leaving the ultra-Orthodox world. We have volunteers with special training who work in conjunction with the organization “Yotzim L’Shinui” (Out for Change).

Ach l’Derech

A personal guidance program that provides professional mentors for released lone soldiers that aims to help them reach their full potential as they begin their post-service lives.

Training for volunteers – released lone soldiers

The training program for new volunteers consists of lectures on emotional conduct, lone soldier rights, cultural nuances, inspiration, introduction to Israel society and a personal and leadership development seminar.

Ach l’Shichrur – Released Lone Soldiers Seminar

A unique seminar that focuses on workshops and lectures regarding correct financial conduct, emotional conduct, communication workshops and the first steps in acquiring a higher education and career specifically designed for released lone soldiers.

The 100 club

A network of 100 alumni who can provide guidance and advice regarding career and education.

Family Seminar

A unique seminar for the young families of released lone soldiers which provides necessary tools in financial management, communication and education.

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